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Our clinic use the NO NEEDLE approach, and take the time to test up to 540 activators to ensure we fine tune results just for you. 

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Decades of experience with shots, drops, medicine, spray, topical, and IV therapy to help reduce and minimize the suffering and get you on the right track to health living with our allergy treatments.

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Food Allergy Test

A food allergy test is a medical examination used to determine if a person has an adverse reaction to certain foods. The test can be done through skin prick tests, blood tests (RAST), or oral food challenges. The results of these tests can help diagnose a food allergy and guide decisions on avoiding specific foods to prevent symptoms.

Seasonal Allergies TEst

A seasonal allergy test is a medical examination used to determine if a person has an allergy to airborne allergens such as pollen, mold, dust mites, etc. that are common during certain seasons. This test can be performed through skin prick tests or blood tests (such as RAST). The results of these tests can help diagnose seasonal allergies and guide decisions on managing symptoms and avoiding allergens.


Emergency triage is the process of sorting and prioritizing patients in an emergency department based on the severity of their conditions and the urgency of their need for medical treatment. The objective of emergency triage is to ensure that patients with the most life-threatening conditions receive prompt and appropriate medical attention, while those with less serious conditions are seen in a timely manner.


A medical card is a type of health insurance card that provides access to medical services and treatments. It typically displays the holder’s name, photograph, and insurance information. The card is used as proof of insurance coverage and to identify the individual as a member of the insurance plan.

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